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15th March 2013


Research carried out by Prof. Evan Hunt at the University of Sydney, Orange, New South Wales, has shown that therapy undertaken in the Equine Spa has been of major benefit in the treatment of lower leg injuries.
Results from within the Racehorse Industry have shown amazing recovery times with all lower leg injuries. It has also shown to have improved the performance of race, performance and pleasure horses


A Summary Prof. Hunt's Findings

The influence of hypertonic cold water (5-90C) spa bath hydrotherapy on the response of 27 horses with various lower leg injuries is described. Fifteen horses with grade 2 or 3 superficial digital flexor tendon damage and 4 with suspensory ligament injury treated for 10 minutes three times a week responded with markedly improved ultrasonographic echogenicity and fibre realignment of injured tissues. All but 2 of these horses when placed back into training returned to compete successfully within 6 months without reinjury.

Two equestrian sports horses with traumatic contusion injury treated twice daily were able to compete successfully 72 hours after injury without supportive drug therapy. Responses of six individual horses with other leg conditions also responded to hydrotherapy faster than expected. The responses indicate hypertonic cold water spa therapy could be a valuable addition to therapeutic regimes with or without other therapies.


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