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Case Study


Deglove injury to Stallion

Stallion, severe wire injury to hind cannon 19/07 with total removal of all skin over 275mm in front and 75mm behind. Wrapped with Lotagen 8 days to grannulate over cannon and tendons




+10 days

Horse treated every other day through spa, then bandaged with Bioband, yellow lotion, combine dressing and elastoplast.  Grannulation settled and now 270mm in front and 70mm behind




+ 12days

Epithelialisation progressing very well with control of grannulation tissue.  Reduced to 255mm in front and 55mm behind. Stallion sound enough to test serve today on 20/08



+ 27 days

Injury better but damaged in mid period due to management decision to allow free run in yards which caused varicose cysts and enlargement in grannulation.  Now 235mm in front and 27mm behind. Stallion serving most days.




Epithelial edge clearly evident and growing across at 2-3mm per day when no bandage movement is established.



+ 33 days

Injury back on track and reducing rapidly. 220mm in front and 15mm behind. Skin now fully above fetlock joint and almost closed medially



Degloved :  Success

Another Successful

 Equine Therapeutic Spa  “Chilled Water  Hydrotherapy”  result


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